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Martin Krötz

Hallo zusammen,

wie gehts Euch? Habe leider keine andere Kontaktmöglichkeit auf der HP gefunden.
Bitte meldet Euch mal per E-Mail, ich hätte da eventuell eine Auftrittsmöglichkeit für Euch am 11.5., vielleicht sogar mehr...

Liebe Grüße aus der Eifel


Das Ecki

Viele liebe Grüße in die Heimat! Ich hoffe Euch gehts gut !


Eure Musik ist ein Traum! Hinkepeter, Du warst ästhetisch immer ein Vorbild von mir...Gothische Grüße...

Vincent Decay

Ihr seid nach wie vor die Nummer 1 für mich wenn es um düster-romantischen Gothikrock aus dem Rhein-Main-Gebiet geht. Ich finde es nur schade, dass eure Songs so selten in den Clubs gespielt werden.

Lord of Darkness

Ich liebe Eure düsteren Klänge. Erinnert mich an meine Jugend, als Fan der Neuen Deutschen Todeskunst..


Check those tunes from Girl Band and you will understand!

Pears for lunch
Why they hide their bodies under my garage

And after that you are hooked!!!
Actually you will get hooked after the Lawman!Its instant addiction!


As i promessed to myself to hear your music I have just done so.On the YouTube I found 2 live shots.The sound is noisy but I can tell that you are fans of Christian Death.Like your instruments choice.Nice black LP studio and a Thunderbird bass.
I will perhaps check some more some other time to get a better impression of your sound and songs.
Being a musician myself I am more a Fender type (bass and guitars,especially Fender Jaguar!) although I also have and use a Epiphine Thunderbird bass but a Non-reversed model! I like to plug it in the Korg A3 module for even more of that "howl".But it's very uncomfortable instrument to wear.Anyway!
Last time I have bragged about Borghesia but this time I will tel you about my new favorite band.
Girl Band.
Check them and you won't be sorry!It also my inspire you when you hear what these guys do with influences such as Bauhaus,the Fall,Joy Division,Nirvana,Nine inch Nails and death disco! And yet very new approach and authentic in their way!The future of rock n roll!


This message is for the guy with a hat on the fotograph I was handed in the club.

I hope you are doing wel.It was a nice and unusual experience and I had two shots of something to heavy to drink I shouldn't have and that has made me very ick and irritating to talk to....I realized later....Sorry sorry sorry.....For that I apologize.....
I know I was talking to you about an album of Borghesia called Clones which is released initially only on cassette in 83' but it has been released a few years ago on vinyl through Dark entries label.
I don't like other Borghesia albums really,buy this one just blows my mind and I can hardly believe they have struck gold with this thing.
It's magical album and it's rawness and the way it's arranged and performed it's just old school at its best. Also I like a lot that sound of the equipment back then.Ofcourse the inevitable tr808 as the Korg polysix synth and some Lo-Fi primitive sampling,but what has really suprused me it's the use of the Casio calculator toy for those dreamy and melancholic lead melodies....Awesome!!!
This record has proved to be timeless and a classic piece.A must have.

When I am back to normality here I will take a listen to your music and will let you know what I think.

Also I have to say that on the way back I got mugged on the station.Bag is son and I are especially sad that our iPod with 100Gb of music with the highest bit rates quality which I had with me(which I shouldn't taken with me...)is now gone with lots of very special playlists which have taken me decades to make them.......From classical and cinematic to noise.....And everything in between that is good.....So I'll have to start al over again...Luckily I have records and CDs and lots of digital files on my hard drive....
Next time I'll have a ski chord locker with me just to make it a bit difficult for the bloody thiefs.

Best regards

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